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year 2019

BIT experienced tremendous success and growth in 2019; focusing on providing world class service at prices businesses can actually afford. In 2019 BIT expanded to open offices on the... Read more

Year 2000

The professional journey begins. A long career in technology and sales ensues working for companies such as Dominos, Dell, Brocade, Cisco and others. A diverse experience base was earned... Read more

year 2014

Our founder won Cisco’s highest award; Chairman’s Club. It was awarded for creating a product that generated over $1B in sales. This was the single largest single contract in... Read more

year 2017

BIT was founded after our founders decided it was time to leave the corporate world and dedicate their time to serving local communities by providing high-quality services at affordable... Read more

year 2018

Seeing the need for quality marketing services  and experiencing tremendous demand of our digital marketing services; we founded Maximum Marketing. This division of BIT is an affordable marketing agency... Read more