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ADA Compliance for your website-How to Avoid a Title III lawsuit

Most of us are familiar with ADA compliance when it comes to a physical location. Accommodations such as wheelchair ramps, elevators, and other accessibility items are well documented as... Read more

Do your business a favor! Invest in your website and SEO

  One of the primary struggles we have in our business is convincing a small business that investing in IT, your website and marketing is one of, if not,... Read more

How to pick the right Website Designer for your Business

There are many, MANY companies out there claiming to be top-notch web designers. We run into their type a lot, usually when we are fixing a website they messed... Read more

Not All Marketing is created Equal

We see it a lot at BIT; fly by night SEO or Social Media Management firms popping up like weeds. Identified by having a ridiculously cheap offering, sometimes as... Read more

Welcome to the new Big Island Technologies

The BIT Difference Welcome and get ready to Experience the BIT difference! We have combined our Marketing, Websites and IT Services under one roof. Kona Hawaii’s leading IT and... Read more