ADA Compliance for your website-How to Avoid a Title III lawsuit

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  • January 24, 2020
ADA Compliance for your website-How to Avoid a Title III lawsuit

Most of us are familiar with ADA compliance when it comes to a physical location. Accommodations such as wheelchair ramps, elevators, and other accessibility items are well documented as a requirement for most businesses. One area that has been overlooked for years is in regard to websites and online “properties”. Title III of the ADA requires any business that engages in “public accommodation” is required to have an accessible website. This category includes just about any business that deals with the general public; especially medical and dental practices.

The problem most companies face is that the requirements for making a website accessible are largely undocumented, as the act only requires that you make a reasonable effort toward the accommodations. We keep our customers safe by providing a detailed assessment of the site and by documenting all of the ADA specific accommodations we have made on the site. We provide our customers a “Certificate of Compliance” stating that we reviewed and remediated the site to meet with the standards.

This has become increasing important now that the legal industry has caught on to this as a way to make a quick dollar. We have had clients, and heard many more stories, being called by attorney’s offices threatening a lawsuit for violations of the ADA. Our customers have been able to simply tell these attorneys that they are compliant, show them the work we have done, and avoid a costly settlement. Others have not been so lucky; some having to pay $3,000-10,000 in settlements.

Contact us today for a free consultation so we can walk you through our process to get your site compliant. Simply fill out this FORM and a member of our team will be in contact ASAP to schedule a consultation. The cost of the service is typically between $500-1500, depending on the size of the site and amount of work required to make it compliant.

You cannot afford to wait as the cost of doing nothing can be extremely high!

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